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Portsmouth Dreadnoughts Announce New Partnership with ACN and Jacksonville Jaguars


The Portsmouth Dreadnoughts Academy is proud to announce that they are working in very close partnership with Active Community Networks, a national Sport for Development charity who have delivery programmes in Portsmouth and Havant, and the NFL’s own Jacksonville Jaguars to bring ‘JagTag’ to the city of Portsmouth at Charter Academy.

JagTag is a simplified tag version of American Football suitable for all abilities. Children learn key basic techniques of throwing, catching, evading and defending. They will also gradually learn and be challenged to create their own ‘play’ tactics, learning invaluable skills such as teamwork and leadership whilst keeping active and having fun. Kids in Year 8 and under are learning the sport.

Sam Guillen, Chair of the Dreadnoughts Academy said “JagTag is an excellent way for the kids at Charter Academy to get to know the basics of the sport. We are extremely excited to be able to link up with ACN and the Jacksonville Jaguars to bring this sport to the young people of Portsmouth, and keep them engaged and active, which is something that as a community club, we feel very strongly about.”

Julian Wadsworth, Head of Programmes at ACN, said “We are extremely proud to be partnering with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts to pilot JAG Tag sessions in Portsmouth , introducing American Football to young people, who undoubtedly have never had an opportunity to take part in this exciting sport but have a keen interest. We are fortunate to be partnering with passionate and skilled coaches from the Dreadnoughts, enabling us to deliver our first grassroots sessions at Charter Academy school site throughout October and November. We hope to expand the offer within local communities of Portsmouth throughout 2019.”

The Jacksonville Jaguars are contracted to play at least a game a season at Wembley, and as a result of our links with them we were able to send some of our Academy players to watch the Jaguars practice, and even meet some of the players. Our close links with ACN also ensures that the young people are being taught in a safe and inclusive environment with passionate coaches.

The Dreadnoughts U19s team practice on a Sunday between 2pm and 4pm at Havant Rugby Club. If you would like more information on JagTag or the Academy team, please contact the Dreadnoughts Facebook page.