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MVP from Solent Thrashers Away – Running Back Kyle Phillips

Portsmouth Dreadnoughts

So the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts did not get the result they’d hoped for on Sunday against the Solent Thrashers, losing 41 – 14. However despite the score, they performed well against a very good team. After the game Team Most Valuable Player was voted for as Kyle Phillips, Running Back. This is particularly impressive as Kyle had never played a game of American Football before

We caught up with Kyle to get his thoughts.

Hi Kyle,
Your first game and you get voted Most Valuable Player! Congrats, how do you feel about that?

It is an unbelievable feeling to come into my first game and be able to play at a level to be recognised as the MVP.

How was your first game as a Portsmouth Dreadnought? How did the experience match your expectations?

It was an incredible experience to be playing as part of the team and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. In terms of expectations I think it ticked every box, the hype pregame, the atmosphere around pitch side and the intensity of the game all lead to a great first game.

What about your performance do you think lead to you being voted MVP?

I tried putting everything I had learnt from training and all the advice I had been given and delivering it onto the field. Also scoring within the first 5 minutes probably helped with that decision.

You have a great attitude and put in a lot of work off the field. How much do you think effort and attitude contributed to you being named MVP in your first American Football game?

I think it plays a big part of performing well during the game. If you’re willing to put more effort in, on and off the field and have that motivation to become better then it will start to reflect in your game.

The result didn’t go the way we hoped, how do you think the team needs to improve to make sure we get a win in our next game?

We just need to be more consistent with the execution of our plays, making sure that we keep the ball moving down the field and just being a little bit more critical in the red zone.

Good luck in the rest of your season.

Thank you very much.


And with that start to his football career I am sure we will be catching up with Kyle again as part of our MVP interviews after each game.

We spoke with Offensive Coordinator Dave Gibbs on how Kyle performed on Sunday:

“After seeing Kyle perform in practice week after week, I wasn’t surprised to see him do the same on game day. I look forward to seeing what he does next!”

Your Portsmouth Dreadnoughts are due to play Berkshire Renegades next, more information is to follow shortly, please keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter for updates.