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5 Questions – Sam Penn


This week we spoke with Safety Sam Penn as the Dreadnoughts moved on to a 3-0 record on the season with the 64-0 victor over the Hastings Conquerors.

PD: “You previously played Uniball for the Leicester Longhorns. What has been the main difference between that experience and senior football?”

SP: “I’d say the biggest change between uni ball and seniors is the players identity with the club. At uni ultimately people always come and go but at the Dreadnoughts the team centres around a core group of individuals that live and breathe Dreadnoughts football. This continuity creates a great environment to grow as a player and succeed as a team”.

PD: “Has it been easy to integrate yourself into the team?”

SP: “Yeah the guys are great. There’s a proper team spirit and we all love playing football so it makes it easy to integrate quickly- so long as you can handle a bit of banter from the veterans!”

PD: “Our next game is against Swindon, who we beat at home 20-0. What are you expecting from the reverse fixture?”

SP: “I think the game will be tough but I really don’t see anything but another Dreadnoughts win. Our defence is solid with teams struggling to move the ball against us, let alone scoring points and our offence and specials are starting to score really consistently. As a team and an individual player, the target is an undefeated season, anything less is a failure. So yeah Dreadnoughts win.”

PD: “What was it that attracted you to playing safety?”

SP: “I think the main reason I like Safety is being able to read a play and act on it in a positive way, whether that be pass break ups/ picks/ TFL etc. Our scheme also keeps the safety involved in our run defence so your always close to the ball.”

PD: “What has been your favourite moment of the season so far?”

SP: “My favourite individual moment of the season is probably my TFL that halted Swindon’s most promising drive when we played them at home. However the three shutouts we have got as a defensive unit is what I take most pride in.”