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5 Questions – George Evans


In the 2018 return of 5 Questions, we sit down with Portsmouth Dreadnoughts Linebacker, Kicker and Punter, George Evans.

PD: How have you found the start of the season?

GE: “It’s been a brilliant start to the season, going 2-0 and two shutouts definitely puts the whole team in a good mindset for the rest of the season. The best bit being I feel like a few players (myself included) are just starting to find their rhythm again, meaning more big plays and a stronger team moving forward.

Still a lot to work on myself with kicking but something we did last year which took me a lot longer to learn”.

PD: In addition to playing Outside Linebacker, you also Kick and Punt for the Dreadnoughts. Do you feel any extra pressure with the extra responsibilities?

GE: “Being the kicker and punter adds a lot more pressure when it comes to game day!! Special teams is something which I love being apart of and a massive part of the game which can help swing a game one way or another”. 

“Punting hasn’t really ever been an issue with pressure or responsibility it’s always come quite naturally. It’s when it comes to field goals I tend to feel the pressure”. 

“But luckily I have two great guys around me in Toby Doyle (snapper) and Thomas Usai (holder) who really make my job as easy as it can be”.

PD: How far do you reckon you can kick a field goal from?

GE: “I have recorded a 50 yard field goal before, however this was no snap or pressure just me practicing on the field. I think with some work this year I could stretch to 50 again maybe 50+“.

PD: What’s your biggest achievement so far as a Dreadnought?

“My biggest achievement as a Dreadnought is tough to say, I think coming in last year a little bit late in to the season with Jake Smith and establishing ourselves as starters within the squad by the end of the season was a really big achievement, however my personal biggest achievement would be my first ever pick six against Hertfordshire last year”.  

PD: What’s your biggest personal goal this season?

GE: “My biggest goal this year would be to really focus on my kicking. Although I love playing linebacker I feel I have established myself as a kicker. Making my goal to make it to the Great Britain squad as a kicker or hitting a 50 yard field goal”.

Watch George and the rest of the Dreadnoughts in action this Sunday May 20th as the team takes on the Hastings Conquerors at Havant RFC. Kickoff is at 14:30pm.


Photo Credit: Jess Edgcombe