Portsmouth Dreadnoughts Women’s Opal Series Report

The Portsmouth Dreadnoughts women kicked off their Opal Series tournament with a match against the Pink Panthers. The Panthers won the toss and gave the Dreadnoughts offense the ball. A slow start by the offense and good Panthers defense lead to 2 consecutive 4 and outs.  Dreadnoughts Defense stood up against and experience Panthers team forcing a 4 and out on the first drives out thanks to brilliant tackles by Hattie Amis and Chloe Ranger stopping Panthers offense in their tracks. However, conceded a TD on the second drive going into the half down 7-0. The second half was a stalemate with 2 good defense’s proving difficult to break down for each offense. Final Score Dreadnoughts 0 Panthers 7.

Our second game saw Dreadnoughts come up against another rookie team in the Peterborough Royals. Dreadnoughts won the toss and gave Peterborough the ball first, who scored a TD on their first drive.  Dreadnoughts offense came onto the field with their first play going the length of the pitch for a TD on a run from Georgia O’Connor. Defense forced another 4 and out after that! Dreadnoughts second offensive drive was a mirror of their first with another long TD run by Georgia O’Connor on the exact same play! Peterborough matched the dreadnoughts with a score of their own before defensive captain Charyle Mercer picked off a pass on the half way line putting the offense in good starting position. Guess what happens next…Yup Georgia O’Connor gets her third of the game on another long run, Dreadnoughts go in up 19-14 at HT. Offense opened up with a good drive before being picked off in the end zone by Peterborough defense. Dreadnoughts defense came up again with another INT this time by Shanice Hale, which the offense turned into another TD this time by Ash Madgwick. Game finished Dreadnoughts 25 Peterborough 14.

Final game started brightly for the Dreadnoughts against Cardiff Valkyries with Chloe Ranger intercepting the first pass of the game and taking it back for a TD. Offense couldn’t get anything going on their first drive and went 4 and out. Defense went back out on the field, same story as before..D captian Charyle Mercer picking another pass, giving offense the ball back in Cardiff territory. Cardiff then came up with a pick of their own, followed by another pick from the Dreadnoughts, this time from Rhi Gibson! QB Annie Donohue then took her offense the length of the field completing the pass to Abi Wade for the TD. Cardiff offense took the field only to be picked off by Chloe Ranger which set up the offense in prime position for a score…Which they did! QB Donohue with a deep ball to Andrea Rustand who took the ball into the end zone! Second half started with a Dreadnoughts offensive turnover which Cardiff capitalised on making the score 19-6. Offense back on the field bringing more points with them! Donohue this time passes out wide to Steph Wyant who takes it for the TD. Another interception by Charyle Mercer brought up offense with excellent field position, who then capitalised with QB Iiona Sennett with a beautiful pass into the end zone for Andrea Rustand to get her second of the game. A brilliant team performance finished Dreadnoughts 32 Valkyries 6.


Thanks to Toby Doyle for the report.

  • seoportsmouth January 11, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Perfect report guys, keep going girls!!!


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