Player Focus – Iiona Sennett

She’s made great steps since joining the Dreadnoughts in September, leading to her award of “most improved” during the Opal Series. Our Women’s Teams starting quarterback is here to review her team’s performance during the first Sapphire tournament. In addition her performance was recognised by the award of Offensive MVP.

PD: Iiona, how do you feel your team performed on Saturday?

IS: “I think both Offense and Defense killed it. Everyone was focused and Dreadnoughts started and ended as a team. I felt confident with every player on the pitch”.

PD: What was your favourite moment from the tournament?

IS: “My favourite moment was seeing our new QB Amber Perry throw a touchdown pass and wide receiver, Lauren Purton making the catch”.

PD: Where would you like to see improvement within the team?

IS: “It is difficult to reflect back as I try to keep a clear mind and keep my focus forward during games.

The day showed us we need to work on running the ball against a disciplined defense and to make quicker and cleaner handoffs. But, overall, I’m happy with the plays”.

PD: How do you feel your performance went?

IS: “I feel I was focused but my performance was averaged. I missed some reads, threw some ugly balls and gave Wembley a safety. However, I remained switched on, directed the offense like a boss and read the nose well”.

PD: How long have you been playing contact football?

IS: “Saturday was my first contact game against another team, so I’m a rookie. But I’ve been training with the Dreadnoughts and was starting bench boy for the Opal flag series and began contact training after Christmas”.

PD: How would you like to improve as an individual?      

IS: “For personal improvement, I would like to block better as I was mowed down a few times on Saturday, mainly through the ricochet of someone else’s tackle”.

PD: Is there anything more you would like to share?

IS: “I would like to add that any offensive player could have been given MVP as every player did something rad on game day”.


Iiona has gained great respect within the team, with excellent knowledge of the playbook and is a high attendee at training. She is certainly one to look out for in the continuing Sapphire series.

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