Offensive Co-Ordinator Chris Hillman Steps Down

We are sorry to announce that Offensive Co-Ordinator Chris Hillman is stepping down from his role. Coach Hillman’s decision came after he was appointed as the new Head Coach of the University of Chichester Spitfires.

Coach Chris Hillman, now Head Coach of the University of Chichester Spitfires

When asked about his decision, Coach Hillman said “The Portsmouth Dreadnoughts have always placed their faith in young coaches, often who are making their name at university. They have trusted these coaches to arrive in April and lead the team, this has applied to none more so than me, and I am so grateful.

But as time changed, the opportunity to be a HC at 22, is one that I could not afford to turn down, and one chance that needed 100% of my attention. However the biggest factor in my decision was the progress of the Dreadnoughts, I am so proud to have been a part in the establishment of the team in BAFA, their first win and their best season record. This team can go far, so they deserve an offensive leader that is there all the time and can push them to their limit and become the great side I know they will be.

Being a coach for my local team is the greatest privilege I have had, they are a superb group and I am proud of each and every one of them. This being said, I look forward to my next challenge at Chichester. I am honoured by the faith they have placed in me and I look forward to making a name for myself in the British football community”.

We wish Coach Hillman the best in his future endeavours and hope to see him on the sidelines at games next summer.

The club is currently looking for a new Offensive Co-Ordinator, please send us a message should you wish to apply for the position which will be passed on to the Head Coach.

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