Dreadnoughts Womens Team Stay On Top at Sapphire Series

The start of the second round of games for the 2017 sapphire series took place in Peterborough, where the undefeated Dreadnoughts looked to continue their streak against Wembley Stallions and hosts Peterborough Royals.
The first game was a rematch between the Dreadnoughts and Wembley Stallions. Defence took the field first and stood strong despite giving up the first down to the Stallions. However, it wasn’t long before Chloe Ranger picked the ball out of their air and ran it back for the TD. But it was called back as Chloe was seen to be “taunting” by celebrating before she got into the endzone. Offense capitalised on the great starting position and scored straight away with Lucy Moss catching the ball in the back of the end zone! XP was caught by Abi Wade, but she was stopped short of the goal line 6-0 Dreadnoughts. Defence were back on the field and still looking strong, although a big run by the stallions gave them good field position deep in dreadnoughts territory. gang tackles by Hattie Amis and Charyle Mercer stopped the Stallions on 4th down giving Dreadnoughts offence the ball back! However, miscommunication and a high snap cause a safety for the Stallions making the score 6-2.
More gang tackles and big hits from the Dreadnoughts defence once again stopped the Stallions in their tracks, giving offence another chance to get going. A trick play gone wrong caused another fumble which saw the ball trickle back into the Dreadnoughts end zone causing another safety, 6-4 Dreadnoughts. Next play saw Stallions break tackles and run the length of the field for the touchdown, XP no good, 10-6 Stallions. Dreadnoughts fought back straight away with QB Iiona Sennett throwing a bomb to Amber Perry down the centre of the field who ran it home for the TD! XP no good Dreadnoughts up 12-6! Dreadnoughts defense looked like they were going to stop the stallions in their tracks but more broken and missed tackles let another big run go all the way for a TD! Halftime Stallions up 12-16. Dreadnoughts and Stallions offence exchanged 4 and outs for the first few drives.
Stallions kept grinding and took the ball into the Dreadnoughts end zone once again, this time adding the XP making the score 23-12 Stallions. Dreadnoughts offence took the field again with big runs from Lucy Moss and Marie Leather before being stopped by the Stallions D. Defensive MVP Emma Harvey combined with Georgia Teague for more big stops causing a safety, giving the offence a chance to get back in the game. 23-14 Stallions! Offense took the field again and gave the ball to Marie Leather who continued her dominance in the run game, refusing to be stopped and taking the ball all the way for a TD, 2 point conversion is good, Dreadnoughts down by 1 point. Defense took the field again needing a big stop and they got it! Charyle Mercer stripping the ball then falling on the fumble gave offense excellent starting position. Unfortunately they couldn’t capitalise, unable to find the end zone on 4 downs as time expired. Dreadnought lost the opener in a thriller 23-22 to Wembley Stallions.
The second game saw the Dreadnoughts take on hosts Peterborough Royals. Defence were on the field to start, they made were quick to get off after forcing a quick 4 and out. Offense took the field and WR Steph Wyant went straight to work getting the first down, shortly after QB Sennett threw a strike to Offensive MVP WR Lucy Moss, XP no good giving the Dreadnoughts an early 6-0 lead. Defensive once again stopped the Peterborough offense, this time with a booming hit from corner Chloe Ranger. Offense took the field and went straight to the other end in one play with Marie Leather running over half of the Peterborough defense on a blistering run into the endzone, XP no good 12-0 Dreadnoughts. Not to be outdone by the offense the Dreadnoughts D came up with a big play of their own from Safety Ashleigh Madgwick, who picked the ball out of the sky only to be tackled 5 yards from the endzone. Offence took advantage of the field position with a score from WR Izzy Clay. XP no good. Dreadnoughts lead 18-0 going into half time.
Offence kept their foot on the gas with the first drive of the second half with another touchdown for WR Lucy Moss! XP was caught by Izzy Clay, Dreadnoughts up 25-0. Peterborough didn’t give up though, they continued to put pressure on string together a few nice passes and a big run. Only to be stopped by LB Charyle Mercer inches away from the goal line. Offence took over the ball and handed it to Marie Leather, Marie continued to dominate on the ground only to be stopped inches from the goal line. WR Steph Wyant finished the job score another Dreadnoughts touchdown! XP No good 31-0 Dreadnoughts. Peterborough were looking good on offence but couldn’t get anything going as Emma Harvey was causing havoc on the Dline! Offence took the field with Amber Perry as QB, Amber made an immediate impact throwing a TD to Marie Leather down the sideline! XP no good 37-0.
Peterborough managed to pull one score back, after grinding the ball up the middle! 37-6! QB turned WR Iiona Sennet caught a long ball down the side from QB Perry, only to be stopped short of the goal line. Izzy Clay finished the job scoring the TD and the XP making the final score 44-6 to the Dreadnoughts.

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