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5 Questions With 2017 Rookie of the Year Jack Flemming

With our first Taster Day of the offseason next weekend, we sat down with 2017’s Rookie of the Year, Tight End Jack Flemming, to ask about his experiences in his first season as a Dreadnought.

PD: What was it that made you decide to take up the sport?

JF: “I have always been interested in american football and always wanted to try it. I thought now was a better time than any”

PD: Looking back, what did you think of your first season?

JF: “I really enjoyed my first season but it was a big learning curve. getting to know the playbook and all the terminology was a struggle but it all started to click in the end”

PD: Winning Rookie of the Year is a great achievement, has that spurred you on to bigger things for next year?

JF: “Winning rookie of the year was a big surprise and a confidence booster all in one. Biggest goal for next year is to stay healthy and score a touchdown”

PD: What would you say to anybody reading this who is on the fence about trying American Football?

JF: “Just pop down and give it a go, all the players and coaches are a friendly bunch of guys and were more than helpful when I didn’t have a clue what was going on!”

PD: What does being a Dreadnought mean to you?

JF: “Everyone has each others back to on and off the field and it’s great to be apart of that circle”

The first Taster Session of the Season is on November 12th from 12pm at Havant RFC.

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