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Portsmouth Dreadnoughts Women’s End of Season Awards 2017

Good Friday saw the Portsmouth Dreadnoughts Women’s Team gather for their Awards meal following the end of the Sapphire Series. Each player was congratulated for their participation that led the Dreadnoughts to 2nd place in the South & East Division.

The coaches had five awards to give out, alongside players’ player chosen by the team.

Overall MVP was awarded to Iiona Sennett. As starting quarterback, Iiona led the Dreadnoughts throughout the season. IIona shredded defences with her pinpoint accuracy and was a key reason for the teams success. She also added “The thing I love about Dreadnoughts is the support and praise that the coaches and team give to one another. Getting MVP is really awesome.”

Offensive MVP was given to WR Lucy Moss. Scoring the most TDs during Sapphire, Lucy made an outstanding contribution to the Offense via her running the ball and as an outside threat at receiver.

Defensive MVP was awarded to DB Ashleigh Madgwick. Ashleigh’s talent for the game and reliability made this as easy choice for Defensive MVP. She suffered with injuries throughout but never let that impact her performance on the field.

Most Improved was awarded to RB Izzie Clay. Izzie developed throughout Sapphire at an extraordinary pace, and by the end of it was a key part of the offense.

Best Rookie was given to DL Emma Harvey. Emma’s contribution to defense did not go unrecognised as she threatened Centers at D Line, constantly getting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Last but by no means least, Players’ Player was awarded to RB Marie Leather. Marie stood out in every game, and it did not go unnoticed from the rest of the players. She was a threat to score a touchdown every time she touched the ball, combining a balance of speed and strength to terrify opposing defenses.

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